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The Freer Logion

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Estimated Range of Dating: 300-400 A.D.

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Information on the Freer Logion

Joachim Jeremias writes, "The Gospel MS W. (4th or 5th century) has, like most manuscripts, the longer spurious ending after Mk. 16:8 (i.e. vss. 9-20), but inserts into it a dialogue between the disciples and the risen Lord, the beginning of which is also transmitted by Jerome (c. Pelag. II. 15). In the longer ending of Mark it is described how the risen Lord, early on the first day of the week, appeared first to Mary Magdalene and then in another form 'to two of them' as they walked; then follows the appearance to the eleven as a third occasion. While the corresponding passage in Lk. (24:41f.) records that their unbelief is overcome when the risen lord eats before them. Mk. 16:14 simply mentions a reproach and immediately goes on to the mission charge. In the Freer Logion this gap is eliminated by the insertion of a dialogue between the risen Lord and the disciples. There the disciples charge Satan and the unclean spirits with responsibility for their unbelief and ask about the immediate parousia. To this request the risen Lord replies that the power of Satan has truly reached its end, but that certain signs must yet be fulfilled; then follows the mission charge." (New Testament Apocrypha, vol. 1, p. 248)

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