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Fifth and Sixth Books of Esra

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Estimated Range of Dating: 150-250 A.D.

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Information on Fifth and Sixth Books of Esra

Hugo Duensing writes (New Testament Apocrypha, vol. 2, pp. 641-642):

Time of composition: in 2.42-47 an innumerable company of Christian martyrs are crowned. This takes us beyond the 1st century. The young man of great stature has a parellel in the Gospel of Peter, in the Acts of Perpetua and Felicitas, and also in the Shepherd of Hermas. This feature points to the 2nd century, but, since the argument with Judaism still clearly possesses topical significance, we ought not to place the writing too late. We may adhere to a date around A.D. 200.

The text is translated in New Testament Apocrypha, vol. 2, pp. 642-652.

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