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Victor I

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Estimated Range of Dating: 189-199 A.D.

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Information on Victor I

J. Quasten writes (Patrology, vol. 1, p. 279): "Victor wrote several letters which dealt with the paschal controversy, and are of importance for the history of the Roman primacy (Euseb., Hist. eccl. 5,23-25). St. Jerome (De viris illustr. 34) seems to refer to these letters when he states that Victor composed 'super quaestione paschae et alia quaedam opuscula'. There must have been another document by Victor because, according to Eusebius (Hist. eccl. 5,28,6-9), Victor excommunicated Theodotus, the currier from Byzantium, who taught that Jesus except for his miraculous birth was a man like all other men, and that he became God only after his resurrection. It remains very doubtful whether Victor was the first ecclesiastical author to write in Latin, as Jerome suggests (De viris illustr. 53)."

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