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1 Tim. 3:1 - NIV, NAB - in Tertullian A Treatise on the Soul

To ourselves even does the apostle allow the concupiscible quality. "If any man," says he, "desireth the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work."[112]

1 Tim. 3:1 - NIV, NAB - in Tertullian On Exhortation to Chastity

Thence, therefore, among us the prescript is more fully and more carefully laid down, that they who are chosen into the sacerdotal order must be men of one marriage;[35]

1 Tim. 3:1 - NIV, NAB - in Tertullian On Monogamy

Come, now, you who think that an exceptional law of monogamy is made with reference to bishops, abandon withal your remaining disciplinary titles, which, together with monogamy, are ascribed to bishops.[92]

1 Tim. 3:1 - NIV, NAB - in Archelaus Acts of the Disputation with the Heresiarch Manes

and bishops in the same, and describing in the places severally assigned to that purpose, in what manner and with what character the ministers of God ought to conduct themselves, of what repute the presbyters ought to be possessed, and how they should be constituted, and what manner of persons those also ought to be who desire the office of bishop.[648]

1 Tim. 3:1 - NIV, NAB - in Revelation of Paul

And I said to the angel: Who is this, my lord? And he said to me: This whom thou seest was a bishop, and that name indeed he was well pleased to have; but in the goodness of God he did not walk, righteous judgment he did not judge, the widow and the orphan he did not pity, he was neither affectionate nor hospitable;[24]

1 Tim. 3:1 - NIV, NAB - in Origen Commentary on Matthew Book XI

And you will say the like in the case of him who seeks the office of a bishop for the sake of glory with men, or of flattery from men, or for the sake of the gain received from those who, coming over to the word, give in the name of piety; for a bishop of this kind at any rate does not "desire a good work,"[150]

1 Tim. 3:1 - NIV, NAB - in Origen Commentary on Matthew Book XIV

The bishop, therefore, must be without reproach, the husbands of one wife, temperate, sober-minded,"[180]

1 Tim. 3:2 - NIV, NAB - in Clement of Alexandria Stromata Book III

Quid autem ad haec dicunt, qui in legem invehuntur, et in matrimonium, quasi sit solum a lege concessum, non autem etiam in Novo Testamento? Quid ad has leges latas possunt dicere, qui sationem abhorrent et generationem? cure "episcopum" quoque, "qui domui recte praesit,"[229]

1 Tim. 3:2 - NIV, NAB - in Constitutions of the Holy Apostles Book II

Such a one a bishop ought to be, who has been the "husband of one wife,"[14]

1 Tim. 3:2 - NIV, NAB - in Constitutions of the Holy Apostles Book VI

We have already said, that a bishop, a presbyter, and a deacon, when they are constituted, must be but once married, whether their wives be alive or whether they be dead; and that it is not lawful for them, if they are unmarried when they are ordained, to be married afterwards; or if they be then married, to marry a second time, but to be content with that wife. which they had when they came to ordination.[86]

1 Tim. 3:3 - NIV, NAB - in The First Epistle of Clement Concerning Virginity

not misleaders; not "lovers of money; not malevolent."[140]

1 Tim. 3:4 - NIV, NAB - in Didache

Appoint, therefore, for yourselves, bishops and deacons worthy of the Lord, men meek, and not lovers of money,[130]

1 Tim. 3:4 - NIV, NAB - in Constitutions of the Holy Apostles Book II

who also has herself had no other husband, "ruling well his own house."[15]

1 Tim. 3:6 - NIV, NAB - in Life and Passion of Cyprian by Pontius

3. The apostle's epistle says[3]

1 Tim. 3:6 - NIV, NAB - in Constitutions of the Holy Apostles Book II

Let him therefore be sober, prudent, decent, firm, stable, not given to wine; no striker, but gentle; not a brawler, not covetous; "not a novice, test, being puffed up with pride, be fall into condemnation, and the snare of the devil: for every one that exalteth himself shall be abused."[13]

1 Tim. 3:6 - NIV, NAB - in The Ecclesiastical Canons of the Holy Apostles

It is not right to ordain him bishop presently who is just come in from the Gentiles, and baptized; or from a wicked mode of life: for it is unjust that he who has not yet afforded any trial of himself should be a teacher of others, unless it anywhere happens by divine grace.[51]

1 Tim. 3:8 - NIV, NAB - in Epistle of Polycarp to the Philippians

and not of men. They must not be slanderers, double-tongued,[31]

1 Tim. 3:10 - NIV, NAB - in Origen Commentary on Matthew Book XII

not even God could bind, in like manner, no Peter, whoever he may be; and if any one who is not a Peter, and does not possess the things here spoken of, imagines as a Peter that he will so bind on earth that the things bound are bound in heaven, and will so loose on earth that the things loosed are loosed in heaven, he is puffed up, not understanding the meaning of the Scriptures, and, being puffed up, has fallen into the ruin of the devil.[108]

1 Tim. 3:12 - NIV, NAB - in Origen Commentary on Matthew Book XIV

; and, in regard to deacons, "Let the deacons," he says, "be the husbands of one wife, ruling their children and their own houses well,"[181]

1 Tim. 3:15 - NIV, NAB - in Irenaeus Against Heresies Book III

WE have learned from none others the plan of our salvation, than from those through whom the Gospel has come down to us, which they did at one time proclaim in public, and, at a later period, by the will of God, handed down to us in the Scriptures, to be the ground and pillar of our faith.[2]

1 Tim. 3:15 - NIV, NAB - in Irenaeus Against Heresies Book III

while the Church is scattered throughout all the world, and the "pillar and ground"[143]

1 Tim. 3:15 - NIV, NAB - in Victorinus Commentary on the Apocalypse of the Blessed John

And abridging in a short space his announcement, he thus says to Timothy: "That thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the Church of the living God."[18]

1 Tim. 3:15 - NIV, NAB - in Constitutions of the Holy Apostles Book III

for there is no necessity that the women should be seen by the men; but only in the laying on of hands the bishop shall anoint her head, as the priests and kings were formerly anointed, not because those which are now baptized are ordained priests, but as being Christians, or anointed, from Christ the Anointed, "a royal priesthood, and an holy nation, the Church of God, the pillar and ground of the marriage-chamber,"[52]

1 Tim. 3:15 - NIV, NAB - in The Letter of the Churches of Vienna and Lugdunum

But in an exceeding degree did the whole wrath of mob, general, and soldiers fall on Sanctus, a deacon from Vienna, and on Maturus, a newly-enlightened but noble combatant, and on Attalus, a native of Pergamus, who had always been the Pillar[14]

1 Tim. 3:16 - NIV, NAB - in Epistle of Mathetes to Diognetus

reason He sent the Word, that He might be manifested to the world; and He, being despised by the people [of the Jews], was, when preached by the Apostles, believed on by the Gentiles.[59]

1 Tim. 3:16 - NIV, NAB - in Epistle of Barnabas

Behold again: Jesus who was manifested, both by type and in the flesh,[181]

1 Tim. 3:16 - NIV, NAB - in Tertullian Against Marcion Book IV

of our heretic. Now, that the very Lord Himself of all might, the Word and Spirit of the Father,[671]

1 Tim. 3:16 - NIV, NAB - in Origen Against Celsus Book III

or did he himself obtain any advantage from the possession of such a power?-always supposing it to be conceded that these statements are not wholly inventions, but that the thing actually happened through the co-operation of some demon. But if it be recorded that my Jesus was received up into glory,[101]

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