Gospel of Thomas Bibliography & Credits

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Thanks go out to Michael Grondin of The Coptic Gospel of Thomas in Context for proofreading the Coptic text used for this web site. Any errors that remain are my own.

The subtitles on the index page are due to Bentley Layton in The Gnostic Scriptures.

The Coptic transcription of the Gospel of Thomas on this web site is primarily based on Meyer's text in the Q Thomas Reader and The Gospel of Thomas: The Hidden Sayings of Jesus.

The Greek transcription of the Oxyrhynchus fragments is due to J. A. Fitzmyer in Essays on the Semitic background of the New Testament.

The Blatz translation of the Gospel of Thomas is from New Testament Apocrypha. The Layton translation of the Gospel of Thomas is from The Gnostic Scriptures. The Doresse translation of the Gospel of Thomas is from The secret books of the Egyptian Gnostics. The Doresse translation of the Greek fragments is also from The secret books of the Egyptian Gnostics. The Attridge translation of the Greek fragments is from New Testament Apocrypha.

The citation references for parallels is from Robert Funk's New Gospel Parallels with some expansions from my own reading. The quotations from the Bible are from the King James. The quotations from the Dialogue of the Savior are from Robinson's The Nag Hammadi Library in English. The quotations from other documents are either from New Testament Apocrypha or are public domain.

The books selected for quotation are listed next to the quotes and in the bibliography below.

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