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31/01/2004 : Works of Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite added

26/01/2004 : The Legend of Hilaria added.

23/01/2004 : The Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles from the Syriac added.  My thanks to Colin Tunnicliffe, who scanned a copy of this work and sent me both the bitmaps and the OCR'd and proofed text. Note that a complete reprint of this book with all notes, page divisions and Syriac text can be bought online by visiting Gorgias Press,  (and search on Wright).

15/01/2004 : Apology of Aristides completed.

24/12/2003 : Lausiac History added.  Started to add the letters of Ambrose of Milan.  The Syriac version of Aristides is halted, as I am missing pages 9-10 of this.  I will finish it when I can get to the library again.

06/12/2003 : Sermons of Asterius of Amasea added.

21/11/2003 : Philoxenus completed.  Syriac material omitted, however, as entering it manually is beyond my skill and available time.  Aristides added.  I know this should be in the ANF online, but the fact is that the translation itself is missing.

07/11/2003 : Started to add the 13 Ascetic Discourses of Philoxenus of Hierapolis.  Strangely enough, this book was ordered at the same time as Vaschalde, but took weeks longer to arrive.

16/10/2003 : A.A.Vaschalde's version of Three Letters by Philoxenus of Hierapolis (Mabbug) placed online, minus the Syriac text.  There seems to be only one copy of this in the UK, which makes it a rare volume.

04/10/2003 : Formatting revised on all pages to make font sizes appear the same in Netscape as in IE.

26/09/2003 : Added the Chronicle of Edessa.

19/09/2003 : Irenaeus, Proof of the Apostolic Preaching added.  HTML <A NAME=> anchors added on the index page for each author and work.  Navigation buttons added for Cosmas Indicopleustes.

15/09/2003 : Gildas, The Ruin of Britain added.

08/09/2003 : Origen, Philocalia added.

06/09/2003 : Added the fragments to Nepos, and wrote an introduction for it.

30/08/2003 : Also added the introduction to the Festal Letters of Athanasius by William Cureton, containing more information about the find at the Nitrian desert.

29/08/2003 : The remaining letters of Severus of Antioch added: 62-118.  I know that there is another collection of letters by S., but don't have these.  Scanning S. has been such a pain, that I am in no hurry to volunteer for more.  The pain is caused by each page having Syriac and English and loads of boring footnotes.  They're hard to photocopy -- it is physically exhausting to lift the massive folio volumes of the Patrologia Orientalis up and down, up and down on the photocopier -- hard to scan, hard to recognise, hard to proof and interminable to format.  I don't want any more at the moment.

I've added a rare article from the Quarterly Review of 1845-6, containing eyewitness accounts of how the Syriac manuscripts in the British Museum were obtained from the Nitrian Desert monasteries of Egypt.  These manuscripts are the basis of several of the translations on this site, and the existence of the article seems to have been forgotten.

23/08/2003 : Cornelius Nepos added.

20/08/2003 : Zosimus revised against an original copy -- lacuna in book 4 filled.

16/08/2003 : My thanks to David Camden for reporting a bunch of typos in the later portions of Justin.  Error reports are always very welcome!

04/08/2003 : Eusebius PE completed.  Justin, Epitome of Pompeius Trogus added.

09/07/2003 : Cosmas Indicopleustes, and Spicilegium Syriacum added.

27/06/2003 : Still working on Eusebius, PE.

02/05/2003 : Peter Kirby has prompted me to do some of Eusebius, Praeparatio Evangelica, which we've both been looking at without enthusiasm for a couple of years.  He's done a simplified version of the intro and book 1 -- in response I've done the same for books 3 and 5.  The layout of the original is a pig, which is why we haven't got started for so long.

31/05/2003 : Cosmas book 3 added.

24/05/2003 : Cosmas book 2 added.

10/05/2003 : Started to add Cosmas Indicopleustes.  I really haven't the time at the moment, but this scans so easily that it can be done at the end of the day when I'm too tired to do much else.  However it may take a while!

11/04/2003 : Syriac Miscellanies added.

29/03/2003 : Typos corrected in Bohn's cataloguePreface added to Hermias.

28/03/2003 : Eutropius added.

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08/03/2003 : "Julian the Emperor" scanned; two invectives by Gregory Nazianzen, plus Libanius' Monody and two orations by Julian.

07/03/2003 : Introduction revised.

05/03/2003 : Hermias' Satire added.

27/02/2003 : First 61 letters of Severus of Antioch added.

26/02/2003 : Doctrine of Addai added.

25/02/2003 : Apocrypha from Mt. Sinai has begun to be added, thanks to Renardo68 who sent in a scanned text.

14/02/2003 : Dionysius of Alexandria, Letters, was not listed on the index.htm - fixed.  The sermon on the Star falsely attributed to Eusebius of Caesarea added.

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24/01/2003 : Sidonius completed.  I wish there were a PD version of his Poems also, but I don't think there is.

23/01/2003 : Gregory of Nyssa, Life of St. Macrina, now online.  I'll get back to finishing the introduction to Sidonius in the next few days, and when that is done notify the mirror sites (all updates since 3/1 need to be mirrored).

22/01/2003 : Sidonius Apollinaris' letters are now online.  The notes I have left at the end of volume 2, as when I tried placing them after each letter, it made the page look untidy.  The introduction is still to scan -- some 200 pages of it.

20/01/2003 : Began scanning the letters of Sidonius Apollinaris.  The footnotes for these are at the rear of volume 2, so I will return and add these after each letter when I've scanned the relevant pages.

08/01/2003 : Typos corrected in the introduction to Zosimus, and to Eunomius.

06/01/2003 : Link corrected in the Apocriticus.  Misssing TOC for John of Ephesus fixed.  Thanks to John Burton for spotting these!

03/01/2003 : Eusebius, Demonstratio Evangelica, now added.

30/12/2002 : John of Ephesus, books 4, 5 and 6 added.  Now complete (since I omit the index).

27/12/2002 : John of Ephesus, book 3 added.

24/12/2002 : Added Basil the Great, Address to young men on the right use of Greek literature.  Eunomius, the First Apology, added.

21/12/2002 : Began adding John of Ephesus.  2  books (of 6) done so far.  

23/11/2002 : I've started adding the Syriac Chronicle sometimes attributed to Zachariah of Mitylene (Zacharias Rhetor).  6 books done.

19/11/2002 : The New History of Zosimus added as an appendix.

26/10/2002 : The Chronicle of John of Nikiu added.  Added Mss. details to Evagrius Scholasticus intro.

25/10/2002 : Antiochus Strategos, The Sack of Jerusalem by the Persians in 614AD added.  Newly discovered Letters of Dionysius of Alexandria to Popes Stephen and Xystus added.

19/10/2002 : Evagrius Scholasticus - all the text added, just table of contents and indexes to do.

02/10/2002 : Ephraim, Discourse to Hypatius Book 5 added.  And that's the lot!

01/10/2002 : Ephraim, Discourse to Hypatius Book 4 added.  Book 3 has also been done, of course.

27/09/2002 : Ephraim, Hypatius Book 2 added.  The Hypatius material is very painful to transcribe because of the marginal material, so please bear with me.

10/09/2002 : St. Ephraim's Prose Refutations started - the Discourse against Bardaisan's "Domnus" added.

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